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Fun Boat Rides 

Custom Charters for Your Special Occasion!

Currently facilitating fun boat rides right here in Central Connecticut, along the shoreline and in surrounding States. We are currently networking with additional captains throughout the New England area so that you can book a great variety of excursions and different levels of training right here through this website! Subscribe below to be informed of newly added captains that are offering more training and charters.  

Currently Facilitating Hands-On Boat Training!

Personalized One-On-One Training 

Get behind the helm! Get familiar with local parks and facilities, trailering, fueling on and off the water, using boat ramps, docking, navigating, anchoring, steering and handling. Also learn more about some of the features and functions that are available as well as basic maintenance and storage. 

Currently adding additional captains who will be providing training throughout the New England area. Click "Book "Now" to see current offerings. We are continuously updating your available options as recruitment of captains into our network is ongoing.  

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About Us

Captain Morgan's Boat Training & Charters, LLC is a local veteran owned small business that provides exceptional hands-on boat training with your boat or ours. We also facilitate the celebrating of special occasions, family outings, date nights, sunset cruises and happy hours with friends. 

Captain Morgan's Boat Training & Charters, LLC was born out of a simple idea: Help create the next generation of boaters by bridging the gap. That is done by bringing high quality, accessible and affordable boat training and boating experiences to local communities. Our unique approach to learning and top quality network of captains makes Captain Morgan's Boat Training & Charters, LLC one of the most unique schools and excursion providers around.

In addition to the training and charters that are currently available, we are also in the process of identifying and partnering with other captains who would like to add their services to our booking system. This will ultimately result in a single place for you to find a variety of boat training and boating excursions. 

Unlike any other business or marketplace, Captain Morgan's Boat Training & Charters, LLC interviews and verifies the United States Coast Guard Merchant Marine Credential of every captain that requests to become part of our network prior to listing their services on this website. Please note that a Safe Boating Certificate or "boating license" is not the same thing as a  United States Coast Guard Merchant Marine Credential (captain's license) which requires far more knowledge and experience as well as rigorous federal licensing requirements. Every captain listed in the "Book Now" section of this website was verified to be a currently licensed captain prior to becoming available for bookings.  


Please take a moment to review the Training & Charters tab as well as the News & Rewards tab of our website to learn more about what we have to offer. We also invite you to explore our offerings by clicking "Book Now".


Be sure to subscribe to be informed of any exciting news or specials and send us your questions at any time. 

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News & Updates

Captain Morgan's Boat Training & Charters, LLC has a great rewards program where those who are interested can earn free hands-on boat training and charters. We also have a great opportunity for captains or those that would consider obtaining their captains license so that they can list their services and receive bookings right here through this website. To learn more about these initiatives check out the "News & Rewards" tab at the top of the screen. 

Solidea Practices Backing the Boat & Trailer Down a Ramp

Get Introduced to Navigating a River & Reading Charts on a GPS

Cameron Works on Tying off a Boat and Cleat Knots. 

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