The Difference: 

Through my years in and around the industry I have found very few hands-on not so local training programs; however, those programs involved training in groups of various different sizes while requiring attendees to conform to the provider's schedules. Those classes are very structured. They follow a specific predetermined agenda that may or may not address an individual's needs while giving individual members of the group minimal attention and practice. Other providers also use a boat, equipment and an environment that is significantly different from what you may need or want. 

     I strive to be different and better by providing local one-on-one hands-on training based on your schedule. We will work on whatever you want to work on the whole time and train at your pace using a boat and equipment that you would be likely to buy. All of this will happen in your local environment. If there is a specific lake or part of the river that you want to become familiar with and explore with GPS and sonar we can do that. 

Topics include: 

  • Safety

  • Familiarization with local parks & facilities

  • Trailering

  • Getting fuel on and off the water in the local area

  • Using local boat ramps

  • Approaching, tying off to & departing docks

  • Navigating

  • Mooring

  • Anchoring

  • Handling & steering

  • Introduction to electronics, GPS & Sonar

  • Learn what you really need to have on the boat

  • Basic maintenance & storage

  • Learn about different styles, configurations and features that you should be aware of before buying a boat. 

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