Boating certificates are often referred to as "boating licenses". At the present time the only State that we are aware of having a "boating license" is Alabama. Connecticut has "boating certificates". 

License requirements: A boating certificate or "license" is not required to be a trainee or operate a boat with us.  

Licensing: We do not do "licensing" or provide boating certificates. Receiving your boating certificate involves attending what is normally an 8 hour safe boating course in a classroom. We exist to provide one-on-one hands-on training on the water. If you want a recommendation for a great DEEP approved place to go for the classroom course feel free to email us.

The charter pricing that you see on the Bookings page is NOT per passenger. That pricing is for the boat and Captain. The number of passengers is up to you, within limitations. 

Age Requirement: I prefer that trainees be at least 16 years old; there is some flexibility here.  

Accessibility: The boat is not wheelchair accessible. Any special accommodations, current injuries or other limitations should be discussed prior to any booking.

Times: My schedule is wide open; I prefer weekday afternoons / evenings and weekends. 

Number of passengers (training): Training is for individuals,  individual couples, or an adult plus one. There is some flexibility here. Email to discuss.

Number of passengers (charters): You can bring yourself plus up to five others. We need to discuss this prior to booking. Ages, size, amount of "luggage", crew if needed, and duration of trip matters. 


Storage and cooler: There is plenty of storage and a large built-in cooler that you may use. We can discuss details.


Pets:  I'd love to meet your friend, especially service animals or an equivalent. Let's discuss your specifics. 

Pricing: This is not an inexpensive last minute thing. This is a premium service for those that are seriously interested. The number of people training or chartering along with duration affects pricing. 

Location: I normally provide service between Hartford and Portland. I can provide service elsewhere including further south and lakes where allowed.

Additional Information: A person operating a boat with passengers for hire must be a United States Coast Guard licensed boat Captain. This includes but is not limited to operators who provide hands-on training or charters. There are an extremely limited number of exceptions to this federal law. If pursuing training or a charter always ask to see the operator's Merchant Mariner Credential which will always look like a red passport booklet.  



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